Music Magic Time is a one-stop shop for you and all of your children’s entertainment needs. Establishing fun and educational tools for international, multicultural, and richly diverse audiences worldwide. Music Magic Time International has a mission to entertain, educate and leave no child behind. We encourage parents to use music as the foundation for education and shout development.

Ours is a music-based interactive educational program designed especially for pre-schoolers. This fun approach to learning has been the cornerstone of the La Grande Famille curriculum for ever 13 years.

We offer a fun, engaging musical experience where everyone has the opportunity for exposure to international music and culture through song, dance, arts and crafts. Our emphasis allows children to freely manipulate instruments and explore rhythms. Music Magic Time semesters are designated around themes and age groups coincide with a principles of basic international rhythm.

Music Magic emphasizes sound experimentation with many instruments such as the drums, percussions, guitar, piano, maracas, harmonicas, flute, recorder, violin and cello. We provide parents and children with a loving and worldly experience through music, rhythm, and dance

Our Newest Collection of Songs


Music Magic Time Classics | Disc One

Some of our most popular songs that have become classics. Visit the soundcloud for an extensive sampling of our songs!


Music Magic International Songs | Disc Two

An around the world musical adventure.Visit the soundcloud for an extensive sampling of our songs!


Music Magic Time Originals | Disc Three

A collection of our earliest songs for your enjoyment!Visit the soundcloud for an extensive sampling of our songs!

Music Magic Time in Action

Visit our Youtube page for more videos!


Music Magic Makers
Infant class

Music Magic Movement
Pre-toddler Class

Music Magic Masters
Toddler Class

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